How the seed of trauma was planted

This is the post excerpt.

As a child growing up with two parents from different ethnic back ground was challenging. The decisions my parents made as young adults affected me throughout my childhood, and now as an adult.

My father was in prison my whole childhood years, which left my mother with the responsibility of rearing five children alone (boy was it tough for her). My mother decided to move from New York to Massachusetts before I was conceived leaving my older two siblings behind with my grandmother who was ill at the time. Things had spiraled out of control when my father started abusing drugs. Eventually my mother decided the life they were living wasn’t what she wanted for her children, so she pack her and her children things and decided to leave. But the road she decided to take to freedom wasn’t the road to New York, but the road that led to a ditch. Yes, she decided to drive her and her children off the road into a ditch where the car was stopped by a tree.

Shortly after her suicide attempt, we moved to New York into a shelter which I called HELL!

There is where a lot of trauma took place. My mother was introduced to this new drug that was the hottest thing on the market killing everyone’s soul and breaking up families “Crack”.

At this time I was five years old and my siblings were just two and three years older. Babies taking care of babies is what I called it. One day all three of us were left unattended and someone gotten injured really bad. This child was hit with a glass punch bowl a half inch away from the temple, nearly bleeding to death. All children was place into the foster care system. Some had a blessed experience while others had a pretty tough one.

In case you are wondering who was the child that almost lost their life by the hands of a sibling….  Well, that young child was me, Jessica A.  Maldonado. I humbly established this blog with the hopes that my experiences will touch some hearts of people that might have experienced, or who are currently experiencing some of the many trauma I faced growing up in all systems. Yes it may be difficult to deal with, but you can heal inside and out if you really want to heal. The events that was lived was just to build a stronger you and that is true RESILIENCE. I promise I don’t have any regrets. After all the madness, I am a great mother of a beautiful smart young girl.

After experiencing almost all systems: family systems, foster care, juvenile, & prison, and being almost every statistic, my life was predetermined…. (NOT!). Yes I have bet the odds and I am still overcoming and healing from a lot of my childhood adversities…. SO CAN YOU! As we travel through this blogging journey together, a lot need to be told and a lot will unfold. Telling my life journey which entails a lot of trauma for the first time to strangers is really challenging for, but I will make that sacrifice to help others heal, as I know I will learn from you as well!

First time blogging.. I am looking forward to having a rewarding experience… PEACE & LOVE!